The Beautiful Kelli

Kelli was a participant at one of our latest boudoir marathons. She was quite pleased with the images…and so was he!

You may notice that her eye color in this shot is blue…which is not their usual color. This is just one of the many tricks that we can do in post production of the images. If you’ve always wished your eyes were blue, or green, or some other color, just ask and you shall receive!

Does your husband, boyfriend, or significant other have a favorite sports jersey? If so, bring it along and we can include it in the shoot. We also have a large amount of sports props that we can use as well.


Photo Retouching – Ultimate Boudoir Style

The subject of Photoshop comes up and I am asked whether or not I alter the images that I take, this is something which I readily admit to. The technology of digital cameras makes it to where most every photographer uses some version of software to edit their images with. Since all of my sessions are shot in RAW (at least those that are not shot on film), it means that I am the one making the decisions as to the exact level of sharpening, saturation, and a handful of other settings that the camera does for you when you shoot  jpegs.

As for touching up the subject of the photograph, that all depends on what I’m envisioning for the final image. While there are shots that needs the occasional stray hair removed or the shadows lightened, it is not all shots that gets the full glamour treatment. For those that get the full treatment, I use a combination of Photoshop Creative Suite and Portrait Professional Studio. Between these two programs I can not only remove the stray hair, but also remove wrinkles and blemishes, make skin porcelain smooth, change eye color (as well as brighten the whites of the eyes), whiten teeth, plump the lips, and even change the facial structure (plus a bunch of other changes that are too numerous to list here).

Above is the lovely Mrs. S, whom I recently did a shoot with. The top half of the image is straight out of the camera, and the lower half of the image is after it received the full glamour treatment. While she is beautiful without my editing, I wanted the image to have the glamour look as if it was on the pages of a magazine.

Mission Accomplished!

Anonymous and Sexy

Anonymous (uhnonuh-muhs) adjective – 1. Without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or similar. 2. Of unknown name; whose identity is withheld.

Sexy (sek-see) adjective – 1. Sexually interesting or exciting. 2. Excitingly appealing; glamorous.

While the definition of anonymous is fairly cut and dried, the definition of sexy leaves a lot of room for interpretation and individual point of view. However, most will agree that anonymity can add a certain amount of sexiness to an image…as you can see in the shots below.

Boudoir in the Comfort of Your Home – The Beautiful Mrs. S!

You’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, but you’re not sure how comfortable you will be walking through the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel with a travel bag full of your favorite outfits. You’re worried that every eye in the place will be on you and that they all know why you are there. Well, not to worry for several reasons…first, no one but you will know why you are there but you. Second, you can schedule your shoot to be in the comfort of your own home! Perhaps you’re not wanting to wait for our next weekend boudoir marathon (which is not that far away) and would rather book your shoot sooner rather than later? All of the same equipment used at the hotel sessions is brought to your home and the results can be just as stunning. Just take a look at the following shots taken at the home of the lovely Mrs S!