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Outdoor Boudoir – Sneak Peek

What do you do when she says she wants to do an outdoor boudoir shoot and knows the perfect spot? You lace up your hiking boots and follow her lead. Here’s a sneak peek at what we got and be sure to check back shortly for the rest of the shoot.

Vilena No.28


The Beautiful Kelli

Kelli was a participant at one of our latest boudoir marathons. She was quite pleased with the images…and so was he!

You may notice that her eye color in this shot is blue…which is not their usual color. This is just one of the many tricks that we can do in post production of the images. If you’ve always wished your eyes were blue, or green, or some other color, just ask and you shall receive!

Does your husband, boyfriend, or significant other have a favorite sports jersey? If so, bring it along and we can include it in the shoot. We also have a large amount of sports props that we can use as well.